Tom Cruise has the gift according to Stephen Baldwin

Tom Cruise is looking to get a big thumbs up from audiences as the pre-buzz for his performance in 'Rock Of Ages' is very positive.

According to Stephen Baldwin, brother of Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise's performances on set have been mind-blowing or as the actor put it 'intergalactic'. Why is it that Tom Cruise has gone so high in his new 'singing career'? More than likely he has a knack for singing that hasn't been discovered for the screen yet, and with the movie getting a lot of hype because of it, we hope it will be something memorable.

Tom Cruise shows no end to his diverse career and onscreen performances from the epic 'Top Gun', that was recently ripped off by a Chinese news agency, to 'Mission Impossible' and now 'Rock Of Ages', the musical

On the less glamourous side of Stephen Baldwin's endorsement, the actor is currently 'battling' Kevin Costner in the courts, who claims he had duped him out of keeping shares in his now highly successful venture on an oil cleaning machine.

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