Tom Cruise puts Indian restaurant on the map but can't pay the bill

Latest film star to make food cool without cash

It's part of our culture : Indian food. We love it, and so does Tom Cruise who recently made a stop over at a rather special Indian restaurant in St Albans.

Tom Cruise and his family booked a table "by the kitchen" to stay low key and away from diners who may have made a fuss if he had been seen clearly. The actor ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and lobster but it turned out that he couldn't pay for the meal as his American Express was not accepted.

One of the members of the table 'bailed him out' and paid for their curry in cash. They also left a big tip.

Tom Cruise:

"We heard good things about you and it was recommended"

The Hollywood actor is currently filming scenes for 'All You Need is Kill' in the UK.

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