Tom Cruise needs to be Les Grossman once again.

Tom Cruise has a string of projects close to completion from 'Mission Impossible 4' to 'Rock of Ages' but yet no word on reviving 'Tropic Thunder' character 'Les Grossman'. Cruise's upcoming film 'One Shot' directed by Christopher McQuarrie is far from the comedic absurdity of Grossman but looks to be a thrilling project starring the likes of Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins.

However, no other character in the past few years has had more cult following on the web than Les Grossman. The most over-the-top movie exec on the planet deserves a stronger place in Hollywood outside of 'Tropic Thunder'. Hopefully someone out there is putting Cruise and Grossman together in a bigger picture because that could be funnier than 'Hangover Part 2'.

With all this 'sequeling' going on, this is one character that needs a part 2.

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