12,000 sign petition to remove blogger Perez Hilton from Twitter

Perez Hilton blog

Perez Hilton faces massive opposition

Thousands of Twitter users are demanding that celebrity blogger Perez Hilton be suspended immediately.

A Twitter petition has been set up which demands that Perez's account be taken off the service for "hate and defamation". It currently has over 12,000 signatures.

'Suspend Perez Hilton' has also become a trending discussion, and in an unusual twist, there are now two separate topics of interest involving Perez Hilton today, and its certainly not the Christmas cheer you would expect on the 25th December.

The two trends include:


A lot of the commentary are from critics of Perez Hilton and his style of blogging, which also include references to his work, and his personal beliefs. Some of the criticism includes a note about a controversial video that was released back in April which suggests that Hilton said autistic people were "retarded", however we can't confirm whether that was what he meant in the video :

Perez Hilton video


Other criticisms include comments regarding how he spreads rumors about other celebrities in the wrong way, and his somewhat unusual dresscode.

Below are just a few examples of the feedback so far on Twitter. What do you think about Perez Hilton?

The Perez Hilton debate

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