Thousands rally behind 5-year old 'Batkid' in San Francisco

The Batkid is here! 5-year old Miles Scott has been honored today by San Francisco residents for battling the Riddler to save their fair town from evil.

Make A Wish Foundation launched a special event for young Miles Scott today, who has been fighting heroically against leukaemia for the past 3 years. It has been his biggest wish to become Batman, and today, the young fighter was granted that dream.

As San Francisco turned into Gotham City this afternoon, residents joined a special event organised by the Make a Wish Foundation to give Miles Scott the most spectacular day of his life.

The San Francisco Chronicle created a special edition of their newspaper today and handed out copies to local attendees. In addition celebrities on Twitter and even the President, have spoken out about their brave hero, the 'Bat Kid';

Will Warner Bros now decide to make a movie based on the Bat Kid, for surely, he's won the hearts of Gotham City, and can fight any fiend.

Reaction to the Bat Kid

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