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Thor: The Dark World filming in the UK

Marvel to shoot 'Thor 2' in UK

'Thor: The Dark World' is heading to the UK to shoot in August of this year.

Disney (Purchased Marvel in 2009) is hiring over 1,500 people to be part of the epic production crew which includes hundreds of extras. 'Thor 2' stars Tom Hiddleston and will be directed by Alan Taylor.

The sequel to Marvel's epic is a huge production and will bring a further boost to the UK film industry as it enters a turning point in 2012.

With a new studio complex financed by Warner Bros and more Hollywood features being shot here, we can expect to hear about more large scale productions being brought to the UK. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has been in the media this week since arriving in London and shooting scenes in (The Counselor').

Are you going to audition for 'Thor 2'?

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