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This might just be Johnny Depp's 'Scarface' moment

Johnny Depp is about to go dark and dangerous in "black Mass," a film based on Whitey Bulger, a notorious gangster serving two life sentences for murder, money laundering, extortion and racketeering.

In what could become a classic Depp outing on the dark side, "Black Mass" follows the true story of Whitey Bulger who allegedly worked as an FBI informant to take down his rivals in the mafia.

New pictures from the set of the movie emerged this week showing Depp completely transformed with the help of some spectacular make up. Even more thrilling is the short teaser revealing how terrifying and unpredictable it would be to have Whitey as a dinner guest, and all on the subject of a simple family recipe.

Black Mass trailer

"Black Mass" is directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart), and written by Jez Butterworth. Johnny Depp stars opposite Dakota Johnson, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Juno Temple.

The film will be released nationwide September 18th.

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