They've never had it so good : NBC TV ratings break historical records

NBC breaks nationwide TV viewing records

It's become the most successful televised event in U.S history : The London 2012 Olympic games on NBC.

NBC's coverage of the 2012 Olympic games has broken all U.S historical TV viewing records and has become the most watched televised event ever. Nielsen confirmed this week that NBC coverage of the Olympics reached 219 million viewers. This exceeds the total of the 2008 Olympics which was watched by 215 million people.

The network paid over $1 billion to air the London games exclusively in the U.S however their coverage was met with mixed reviews. The coverage of the opening was widely criticized as it was delayed till prime time, and the taped show didn't feature several defining moments in the UK coverage.

NBC decided to air the closing ceremony live, but edited the event by nearly an hour the BBC reports.

What do you think of NBC's coverage?

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