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The world didn't end : 1 billion watched Gangnam Style instead

Psy continues to dance

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' has surpassed the ridiculous world record breaking 1 billion mark after endless hype about what should have been the "end of the world".

What certainly ended was the anticipation of "when" 'Gangnam Style', would, if ever, reach the 1 billion views milestone. It's an unthinkable equation to put 1 billion faces next to each other. But after watching the 4 minute 13 second video of a plump South Korean pop singer dancing to an over-the-top tune, I can see how people could dig it.

'Gangnam Style' certainly has its moments. It combines stupidity with high energy and a "I don't give a f***" attitude that wins on every level. It also has attractive girls, provocative shots, bright colors, and foam. While many other videos have done the same, 'Gangnam Style' has created something more : A dance movement. It brings people together, and helps them do a silly dance that is widely seen as popular and cool.

The charm of this video is that it helps people come out of their shell, and allows them to be stupid, silly and enjoy the moment. It breaks down cultural barriers, tears away rules of self-confidence, and defines what many are searching for : Expressive freedom.

'Gangnam Style' has also spun a whole range of knock-offs that in themselves have earned nearly 1/4 of a billion views. Will any video ever top this? It's unthinkable…but who knows?

Gangnam Style 1 billion views later

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