The Verdict on 'The Amazing Spider-Man'


The Amazing Spider-man is back

'The Amazing Spider-Man' comes out July 3rd and reviews for the film have been generally positive.

At the end of Spider-Man 3 we were left with an immense fatigue, and the franchise had really run out of steam with the same concepts played over and over. The Peter Parker / Mary Jane romance had been over-worked. We were tired of seeing this cliché as the driving factor to the conflicts in the last Spider-man.

The fourth reboots the franchise, with a new cast. What's particularly noteworthy is the choice of Marc Webb as director. He's a newcomer to the blockbuster filmmaking scene, and shot 'The Amazing Spider-Man' on the 3D Red EPIC.

Reaction to 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

"Even the relationship between Peter and Gwen is more mature -- with Garfield and Stone providing romantic chemistry and simmering sexual energy." - Mercury News

"The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, is primarily aimed at women but has enough blockbuster testosterone to satisfy thrill-seekers of either sex." - The Telegraph

"The beating heart inside the spandex wins out, making for a charming and well-constructed entry in the Spidey-saga." MSN

“The Amazing Spider-Man” does all of those things and lives up to its name – and that, True Believers, is an amazing feat indeed. Excelsior!" - Access Hollywood

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer

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