The Twilight : Saga Eclipse Best Movie at MTV Movie Awards?

This year’s MTV Movie Awards includes ‘The Twilight: Saga Eclipse’ in its ‘Best Movie’ category with some pretty fierce competition.

‘Inception’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ are all competing for MTV’s big movie prize but here in lays the problem. Can MTV really nominate a film that is only a ‘part 1’?

Fans of the Harry Potter films will be thrilled that it has made the selection but don’t forget there is still part 2 yet to be released. Should we look at this as a ‘half movie’ nomination instead?

‘Inception’, starring Leonardo DiCaprio at the hands of Batman genius Christopher Nolan is a great contender, having broken the boundaries in many ways this year. Will the popularity of ‘The Social Network’ prove to be the true victor, or does Natalie Portman’s Oscar winning performance in the ‘Black Swan’ make it a stronger contender?

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