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New screenwriting tool turns your words into animated characters


New script software is a game changer

It's not easy writing a script, especially when it comes to creating memorable dialogue. How many times have you had to re-write a scene because you couldn't figure out how to make the characters sound different? Well now there's a new, free-to-download software, that transforms every word you write into walking, talking, animated characters.

Behold, Plotagon. So what's the big deal about this software and why am I literally buzzing with excitement? Well, the fact that you can create your own mini animated, preview movie directly from what you've written is practically gold. The scope of parody and marvel is endless.


Superhero confronts his arch nemesis at a bar

You can make your dialogue in Plotagon as absurd or offensive as you like and see how two characters act it out in pre-created environments that you select. Here's an example below:

The Queen demands coffee

video unavailable

As you can see, there's a lot of room for testing out your dialogue with ridiculous characters in certain situations. The guys behind the new software have also developed a special Jane Austen experience that allows you to create a 'Pride and Prejudice' movie in your own creative words.

The Jane Austen experience

video unavailable

Currently in BETA and launched this autumn, Plotagon gives screenwriters the ability to test and perfect their scripts in almost real-time, with the help of animated characters.


Users can choose different character profiles and actions

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If you see that the dialogue is not working the way you want it to, you can re-write your scene and even add props, sound effects and emotional character actions like slaps and kisses.

To find out more download the free BETA version of Plotagon and give it a try!

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