The New Film Industry Network

Film Industry Network

Hi guys! Yes, finally we have launched the brand new and improved Film Industry Network. Our website has been online since November 2009 but today we are taking things in a different direction.

Film Industry Network will continue to support all the creative talent that has been featured in the past few years and take this objective further in 2012. With so much competition out there for recognition, it's clear to us that providing an outlet to show the web's best talent is important to helping build future careers.

You will find today a brand new design with a host of new features which are outlined below. Film Industry Network is also going local:

We are launching today, Film Industry Network UK and Film Industry Network France, to support international talent outside of the US, and push for new incentives to help people achieve their dreams.

What you can find our new site

News : Our news content will highlight the most important issues in the film industry, the latest trends, film festival coverage and much more.

Interviews: We will be featuring more in-depth articles from success stories to career insights with the industry's most inspiring people. (You may also find some interesting surprises).

Events listing section : Our events listing section will feature events year-round that are taking place from film networking events through to film festivals.

Network: On our network section you will find information about our social groups across the web, and links to our other local networks in France and the UK.

Questions and Answers : As a community we have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share. You can now send us questions that we will feature and answer on our site.

Opinion : Our opinion sections will highlight the viewpoints of writers in reference to issues in the film industry

Film Competition : A new film contest accepting international entries opens today, to find the 'Best Film Of The Year'. We will announce judges later this year. (Currently only accessible on Film Industry Network UK )

Recommended Tools : Film Industry Network will highlight the best gadgets available today with the feedback of members.

Resources: We have a big database of articles that help you find out more about the industry from film tutorials to advice from some of our Advisors. This section will soon be expanded to include leading film institutions in the US.

What we stand for in 2012

The film industry is constantly adapting to new technologies, trends and consumer tastes.

Film Industry Network's top priorities as an online community and news outlet :

- Highlight top talent from around the world of Film, TV and Music
- Develop closer ties between people in the film industry in different countries
- Support and promote a global anti-piracy solution supported by the film, music industry and the general public
- Provide a platform to help people take their careers to new heights
- Give in-depth industry news and provide high quality original stories to readers
- Build relationships with leading film institutions to develop funding opportunities
- Provide readers with information that is well-researched and contains within it an educational benefit.
- Promote equality and strengthen the role of women in entertainment.
- Encourage online transparency amongst film industry institutions and organizations

Thanks for all your continued support and come and check out what our network has to offer! If you have and feedback about our new design please send us an email.

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