The Muppets vs Twilight Saga at the box office

The Muppets have returned with a vengeance over the Thanksgiving weekend earning a comfortable $42 million whilst the Twilight Saga earned even more.

Breaking records over in the UK, The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 1 managed to grab another $62.3 million over the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, earning it first place in the weekly battle of the studios. While Disney only managed to get 2nd place, ‘The Muppets’ are doing extremely well, as the film had received a cool reception on the web ahead of its release.

As for the Twilight Saga, fans of the movie franchise continue to flock to cinemas. Warner Brother’s ‘Happy Feet Two’ in 3rd place with $18.5 million isn’t making such a big impression on audiences this year. What sets the box office apart from last year is that the overall attendance is down 12% according to Reuters. Is this due to a weak economy, bad films or not enough diversity at the cinema? Are audiences opting for a quiet night at home or is the weather too cold? There are many factors that can be taken into consideration, but it is worrying that this downturn could be a sign of a slowdown.

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