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‘The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth’ – The story behind the song

The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth, a great combination of animated film and song, is set to screen at Phoenix Theatre in Falmouth on Thursday, August 4th.

A born and raised Oregonian, Rosenberg has been fascinated with music and films since childhood. Taking inspiration from Celtic, Folk, Pop, 40’s Ballroom to 50’s Jazz and Film Music, Rosenberg composes timeless, memorable melodies, where each piece of music conveys a different emotion, thought or message.

“I was enjoying supper at the Falmouth Hotel, when I looked out the window and saw the full moon floating above the sea. I thought to myself, “The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth”. After finishing my meal, as I was heading back to my room, a melody came to me and I started singing aloud “The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth, The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth”, I didn’t want to forget the song title or the melody, so I rang my home phone in Portland and sang the song onto the answering machine. When I got home, as I was going through my messages, there it was … the genesis of The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth. A couple months later the song was finished and ready to be recorded”.

This highly anticipated animated music short film is reminiscent of the old sea shanties found on the British Isles, a music genre that Rosenberg loves to listen to and compose. The film also features the outstanding vocals of Will Keating, a renowned singer-songwriter/performer who hails from Falmouth.

The visually powerful film follows an English seafarer as he sings about his past adventures, where he sees himself leave Falmouth as a young man, sail The High Seas, fall in love with an island maiden, and return home after an envious moon breaks them apart.  To this day, he still wears the gift she gave him.

It is a story that shows somethings you love can become lost, leaving us only mementos and memories of days long gone by.

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