The Hunger Games franchise is coming back again

If you didn’t get to see any of "The Hunger Games" movies there’s a whole new series of prequels in the works that will bring back the franchise to the big screen.

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Lionsgate has confirmed that they are looking at developing prequels based on the best-selling novels of Suzanne Collins. Speaking with Variety, Lionsgate Vice Chairman suggested that the studio was not looking to glorify violence in the Hunger Games movies but to explore themes regarding, “Suzanne Collins' exploration of the concepts of just war theory.”

The Hunger Games franchise has been hugely successful despite the recent dip in Box Office revenue for “Mockingjay: Part 2,” which still surpassed $500m globally.

The storylines of the prequels haven’t been confirmed yet but the franchise could re-visit some of the earlier games where there would be arenas, which were absent in the final films. Interest in the arenas was highlighted by some of the younger fans leading to the thinking that going back to the formula of the earlier Hunger Games movies could be on the cards in the new prequels.

Going back in the timeline would mean that Jennifer Lawrence could be replaced with a different lead actress and an alternative cast, sending the franchise into a new direction. This could ultimately be the best approach given that this has been tried for example with the Star Trek franchise where the cast and timeline of the movies were completely changed, with big success.

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Film Industry Network receives a commission when a product is purchased through affiliate links included in this article.

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