The Hangover Part 2 : Most successful comedy in US history

The Hangover Part II has smashed all records for the Memorial day weekend in the US and broken box office records in the UK for a comedy release.

Earning a whopping $86.5 million in three days, the popular sequel has almost doubled the totals of the Kung Fu Panda 2 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 this week.

Ahead of its theatrical release, the Hangover Part 2 had been talked about for months, particularly because of speculation behind several cameo roles. One of the big discussions was how the film crew had turned against Mel Gibson, after his angry tirade against his ex-girlfriend. Although this was just one of the many in-production stories surrounding the film, the comedy was highly anticipated thanks to a web fueled craze and cult following from the original. Bill Clinton’s visit to the set was also a highlight, giving some ‘Presidential’ power behind the comedy hit.

Will you be getting yourself a comedy Hangover this week?

The Hangover Part 2 trailer

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