The Greatest Competition Ever to inspire children

SACRAMENTO, USA The Greatest Competition Ever has been launched to encourage youth across America to become active in their communities and make a difference.

USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships 2010 Ambassador Lil Jordan will kick start the Greatest Competition Ever challenge at the Junior Olympics National Championship Opening Ceremony on July 28th at Sacramento City College. Following his musical performance of Push Harder . He will challenge Junior Olympians around the nation to start their own teams and begin their community activism.   The challenge has a promotional component which is designed to help teams with their local fund raising efforts.   Teams are required to document their community service in documentary style video.

The greatest competition ever is also calling filmmakers to participate in the national scheme by creating 2 minute videos to show the efforts of local communities coming together in a short documentary piece, with the soundtrack of Push Harder . Winning films will get national exposure and major recognition and will be promoted on 100's of social networks and the Greatest Competition Ever website.

Grassroots performance marketing company Intrinsic Group and the Film Industry Network teamed up with PAUSATF to create the competition and start a new era of youth activism. Intrinsic hopes to make 'giving back' the next big trend by making GCE viral and implementing an innovative social media fundraiser.Youth Chair, Joanne Camargo of the PAUSATF wanted to encourage Junior Olympians competing this year to be Champions daily , on and off the track, and with the help of the Greatest Competition Ever, children will get their most rewarding challenge yet.

The Greatest Competition ever aims to teach children empathy and compassion, exposing them to good causes, and creative ways to develop positive change in their neighborhoods. Local businesses will also be encouraged to become part of the solution by combining resources, relationships and sponsoring local teams to support their efforts.

This competition is now closed



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