The film director for Keanu Reeves’ latest movie wants his name removed

Keanu Reeves’ latest movie “Exposed” has upset the film’s director so badly he wants his name removed from the credits.

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According to a report in Page Six, the film’s director Gee Malik Linton had creative differences with Lionsgate and Keanu Reeves after the production was re-edited down by over 20 minutes. The film was originally intended to be a “serious drama” but was turned into a thriller according to the report, and the director didn’t want his name attached to the picture.

On IMDB the credit of the director is listed as Declan Dale which is a pseudonym however Gee Malik Linton still remains on the Screenplay credits.

“Exposed” tells the story of a young Latina woman experiencing strange things after witnessing a miracle as a police detective looks for answers following his partner’s death.

The film stars Ana de Armas, Mira Sorvino and Chirstopher McDonald and will be released in theaters January 2016.

Keanu Reeves is currently working on “John Wick 2” after the success of the original which garnered critical acclaim and saw the actor return to a career high.

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