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The Dark Knight Rises won't feature Riddler

Batman 3 : The Dark Knight Rises will feature no Riddler nor will it be shot in 3D according to Christopher Nolan.

The craze of 3D had brought many new productions to light, but Batman 3 will not follow the trend as Nolan made arguments to producers that doing so would not benefit the franchise. Warner Bros' distribution company has agreed to release the film without a 3D transformation.

Following the huge success of 'The Dark Knight', the new film title comes after 2 years of speculation, ridiculous rumours and fake titles. The biggest shock of all is that the Riddler will not feature in the latest outing. Eminem had been closely linked as a good contender for the role, following his antics and professed desire to be cast in the role; something of a fantasy now.

With more and more celebrity blogs, indie journals, and opinion columns, the accuracy of information regarding new film releases has become less accurate as time passes. However, today's official announcement that the film will get a July 2012 release is the final call to action, and puts Batman 3 in motion.

Casting choices for 'The Dark Knight Rises' are yet to be set in stone, but seeing how iconic the role of the Joker became a post humous Oscar for Heath Ledger shows how super villain personalities encompass the best in an actor's ability to create memorable characters. Such characters are often what make superhero movies the more enticing to watch. The stronger the antagonist, the more exciting it is for audiences to see how their hero overcomes evil. At the end of the day, if your bad guy is not evil enough, then the stakes are so much lower.

Critics were not to convinced with Christian Bale's performance in the 'The Dark Knight', nor were fans, who even mocked him widely on youtube for having a low gruff voice, similar to that of a werewolf or chained smoker with throat cancer.

Whether Christian Bale will maintain his deep voice in the next film is a mystery, but news today of the film's official title could suggest a new characterization of Batman.

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