Gotham city faces a brutal enemy that threatens its very existence. After the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman takes the blame for his crimes in order to protect Dent's past. He's an outcast, deplored by the Gotham City police but 8 years after the 'The Dark Knight', Batman once again returns to Gotham City and encounters the devious and witty Selina Kyle. A new wave of crime and a formidable enemy surfaces, putting the city into a chaotic tailspin. The Dark Knight must come out from the shadows of his past to save Gotham before it's too late.

Cast and Crew

Produced by

  • Christopher Nolan
  • Charles Roven
  • Emma Thomas

Written by

  • Jonathan Nolan: Screenplay
  • Christopher Nolan: Screenplay
  • David S. Goyer: Story
  • Bob Kane: Original characters

Directed by

  • Christopher Nolan


  • Tom Hardy: Bane
  • Liam Neeson: Ra's Al Ghul
  • Christian Bale: Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Marion Cotillard: Miranda Tate
  • Anne Hathaway: Selina Kyle / Catwoman
  • Gary Oldman: Jim Gordon
  • Morgan Freeman: Lucius Fox
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: John Blake
  • Juno Temple: Holly Robinson
  • Aidan Gillen: CIA Agent
  • Michael Caine: Alfred
  • Joey King: Young Talia Al Ghul
  • Matthew Modine: Deputy Commissioner Foley
  • Daniel Sunjata: GPD Special Operative
  • Josh Stewart: Bane's Mercenary

Production details

  • Budget: $250 million (estimated)
  • Production companies: Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, Syncopy
  • Release dates: Australia: 19.7.12 UK: 20.7.12 USA: 20.7.12 Japan: 27.7.12

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Production Notes

Production scouting started in late 2010. Several iconic locations were sought including Bulgaria’s capital: Bucharest. Principal photography started in May 2011 and shooting finished on the 14th November. Composer Hans Zimmer collaborated with Nolan again on the 3rd and final Batman. Nolan’s production team reunited Wally Pfister, who was DP for the last 2 Batmans, and editor Lee Smith. The film also had a large stunt, visual effects department and casting department to co-ordinate large action scenes.

Christopher Nolan specifically stated before production started that he would not make ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in 3D and that he would shoot to scale (keeping in mind the IMAX format). ‘The Dark Knight’ featured 28 minutes of footage that was shot in the IMAX ratio but ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will include over 60 minutes. IMAX will run the film for 2 months instead of the contracted 2 weeks.

International hype

The third and last Batman outing for Christopher Nolan has been one of the most talked about movies since it went into production 2 years ago. With the box office success of ‘The Dark Knight’ and the subsequent cult following on the web, anticipation for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has continued to swirl in the media. There are currently more than 13,500 news articles published regarding ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Fan sites have also contributed to the online conversation surrounding the film. Fan art posters and fan videos have established an interactive following for the movie ahead of its release.

Digital Marketing

Warner Bros Pictures launched their official ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ website back in 2011. The site hosts a wide range of features for fans including wallpaper downloads, production images, HD Trailers, competitions, Tumblr wallpapers and galleries. Moving over to social, the official ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Facebook page is regularly updated with the latest image releases, exclusive posters, anecdotes about the production and promotion tours where fans can connect with the cast of Batman and gadgets used in the film. people can also find information about characters featured in 'The Dark Knight Rises' through Facebook and connect with others about the film.

The Dark Knight Rises Fan Art

The Tumbler

The Tumbler begins its maiden voyage across america

Dark Knight Fans

Fans take pictures in front of the Tumbler


Production Still : Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Quotes in the media

Below you fill find a list of news articles and blogs that have highlighted 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

"Is it just us, or is there more than a hint of Michelle Pfeiffer in Anne Hathaway's Catwoman voice?" - Total Film

"In comparison with anything except "The Avengers," "The Dark Knight Rises" looks like a blockbuster. Its "definite interest" and "first choice" figures are even slightly higher than those of 2009's "The Dark Knight," - LA Times

"Considering "The Dark Knight Rises" has 21 promotional days remaining, the film could potentially reach the opening weekend record that "Marvel's The Avengers" set earlier this year." - HuffingtonPost

"Shooting scenes for new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises in the Highlands generated £1.1m for the local economy" - BBC

"The MPAA handed a PG-13 rating today to "The Dark Knight Rises," for "intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language." - CNN

"While dispensing with the whole Venom angle, the filmmakers have cleverly maintained Bane’s dependence on some form of narcotic, except this time it’s a form of pain relief, which potentially gives Bane both an Achilles heel and – more interestingly - an element of sympathy." -Den of Geek