'The Dark Knight Rises' loses millions in opening week

Batman loses millions despite record

It was billed as 'The biggest movie of the year', and 'The Dark Knight Rises' certainly broke box office records, but the film is estimated to have lost millions in the aftermath of the Batman shootings.

Earlier this week, box office numbers put 'The Dark Knight Rises' into the record books as the best ever 2D opening, but came in at 3rd place in the 'Of All Time' category. It also came below analysts predictions despite the huge anticipation for the final sequel.

It is estimated that the Batman shootings resulted in a loss of up to $15 million in ticket sales as people avoided heading to cinemas over the weekend. However, the loss could be recouped towards the end of the month as those who were put off by the tragedy may decide to watch the film at a later date. It is not yet clear how the tragedy will affect international box office receipts for the next week.

Warner Bros delayed their box office numbers in the aftermath of the shootings and recently donated a large sum to the victims of the Batman tragedy, although the amount has not been specified publicly.

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