The ATG releases new music video for Overdue featuring Imbunlee & Earlly Mac

Music producer The ATG

The latest music video for hit single “Overdue” by the ATG featuring artists Imbunlee & Earlly Mac has been released today.

The first single from the upcoming Detroit Cinematic Album, “Overdue” brings an eclectic mix of street rap and melodic rhythm to the hip-hop scene.

Produced by The ATG and directed by Rowan Minor, the new music video features a montage of street rap performances fused with the backdrop of an industrial complex. Along with its melodic tune and hip-hop beats, the video incorporates fast cutting mixed with a slow-motion tempo, creating an edgy, gritty atmosphere.

Music video: Overdue

Overdue features performances by Imbunlee & Earlly Mac. Produced by The ATG.

The catchy track is one of 16 unique songs yet to be revealed in the upcoming Detroit Cinematic Album. It is the latest feat by music producer The ATG, who hails from Detroit, and brought together a number of inspiring and upcoming singers from Michigan to work on his latest compilation record.

His most recent collaboration with Lil Reese this year on the album Demon Time, also set the producer on a new path as his signature style of classical, cinematic and hip-hop beats took Chicago street rap to the UK and beyond for the first time.

Prior to “Overdue,” The ATG has collaborated with D12 rapper Swifty McVay, actor Omar Gooding as well as GV Prakash and Sa-Roc on various singles and music soundtracks.

Having delved into both film scoring and Detroit’s vibrant hip-hop scene, The ATG is preparing to reveal his latest compilation album which will feature performances from Detroit rappers and up and coming artists later this year.

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