The Amazing Spider-man secures $341 million worldwide gross

The Amazing Spider-man box office numbers are here

It’s official, the Amazing Spider-man managed to rake in an additional $65 million to hit the $140 million mark and top this week’s box office.

Although ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ will not reach the success of previous Spider-Man outings, Sony will have managed to earn more than $340 million in worldwide receipts after just two weekends.

What does this mean?

Domestically ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ has performed less well than previous Spider-Man movies, but it is a strong opening for a reboot of the franchise just 6 days in. It is highly likely that a 2nd will be announced shortly and that the franchise can continue with this current cast.


International grosses are becoming more prevalent as the box office abroad accounts for more than 50% of the revenue for major releases. Although ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ may not explode at the box office in the U.S, it has earned a significant opening. After 5 years, it’s an excellent start for a new franchise, that struggled to find it’s place after 3 sequels and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ should be just around the corner.

Earlier this week Sony mentioned via it's facebook fan page for the movie that the movie would be the first in a trilogy.

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