Peter Parker is grappling with his own past, spending his days as a teenage outcast but he has an enormous crush on classmate Gwen Stacy. After discovering a strange briefcase that belonged to his father, who abandoned him when he was young, he is led to his former partner, Dr. Curtis Connors. Parker uncovers his father's secret, and along the way, encounters a spider that has been genetically mutated, which will ultimately turn him into Spider-Man. However he soon discovers the dark truth behind Connors and must battle him as he turns into an evil Lizard.

Cast and Crew

Produced by

  • Laura Ziskin
  • Matthew Tolmach
  • Avi Arad

Written by

  • Steve Kloves: Screenplay
  • James Vanderbilt: Screenplay
  • Alvin Sargent: Screenplay
  • James Vanderbilt: Story
  • Steve Ditko: Marvel comic
  • Stan Lee: Marvel comic

Directed by

  • Marc Webb


  • Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Emma Stone: Gwen Stacy
  • Rhys Ifans: The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors
  • Denis Leary: Captain Stacy
  • Campbell Scott: Richard Parker
  • Embeth Davidtz: Mary Parker
  • Martin Sheen: Uncle Ben
  • Chris Zylka: Flash Thompson
  • Max Charles: Peter Parker (Age 4)
  • Sally Field: Aunt May
  • Irrfan Khan: Rajit Ratha
  • C. Thomas Howell: Jack's Father
  • Jake Keiffer: Jack (as Jake Ryan Keiffer)
  • Kari Coleman: Helen Stacy
  • Michael Barra: Store Clerk

Production details

  • Budget: $215,000,000 (estimated)
  • Production companies: Columbia Pictures, Laura Ziskin Productions, Marvel Enterprises, Marvel Studios
  • Release dates: Australia: 4.7.12 UK: 3.7.12 USA: 3.7.12 Japan: 30.6.12

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Casting main actors

Producers began a large casting to find the new Spider-Man in early 2010. Shortlisted actors met the film's director, Marc Webb, to discuss the role. Screen tests were carried out for more than 6 weeks. Actors who participated included Jamie Bell, Frank Dillane, Aaron Johnson and Andrew Garfield. Marc Webb chose Andrew Garfield and it was announced on 1st July 2010 that he would become the new Spider-Man.

Mary Jane Watson (played by Kirsten Dunst in the previous sequels) was not included in the final script, leaving Gwen Stacy as Spider-Man's love interest. Casting began in mid 2010, and several reports hinted Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as potential co-stars. It was in September 2010 that Emma Stone's name surfaced in the media as a potential. It was announced that the role would go to her on 5th October 2010. The offscreen romance between Garfield and Stone also added onscreen chemistry to the duo, and Marc Webb considered them to be the ideal choice.

Production notes

Filming on the 4th Spider-Man began on the 6th of December 2010 in Los Angeles. A bulk of the movie's scenes were shot in the city, but the production was also moved to New York City for 2 weeks. Prinicipal photography on the picture lasted 90 days.

Marc Webb's team included Cinematographer John Schwartzman, and a world renowned stunt team with Vic Armstrong as 2nd Unit Director. Editing was carried out by Alan Edward Bell and Pietro Scalia.

The Amazing Spider-man was the first film to be shot on the new RED Epic Camera, in 3D at a 5K resolution. The technical capabilities of the RED Epic meant that a major Hollywood production could experiment with native 3D as a means of storytelling. Marc Webb also stated that shooting on 3D would allow him to make things in the movie come out into the audience.

Digital Marketing

Sony Entertainment decided to launch a viral marketing campaign that would also include a video game tie-in, and a scavenger hunt and several promo video releases. The first trailer was leaked online during the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. 3 trailers were released in total, with the third official trailer debuting on iTunes May 3rd 2012.

One of the elements of the campaign, the launch of the scavenger hunt on Twitter, asked fans to find the lost 'Property of Peter Parker'. Co-ordinates were given in each city so that fans could find clues. 'Operatives' had to start tagging the Spider-Man logo in specific cities. Then they would uncover a hidden scene where Peter Parker faces an intimidating doorman.

Actor profiles

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Official poster

Marvel: Promo materials

The Amazing Spider-Man Fan Art

Quotes in the media

Below you fill find a list of news articles and blogs that highlight reviews and production details for 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

"Unlike the previous films, Webb wanted to use as much stunt work as possible to increase the thrill factor - only falling back on special effects where necessary." BBC

"Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is no goofily lovable teenage geek; he’s a bright, introverted young man with a furrowed brow, a Tintin quiff and a pasty Home Counties complexion." Telegraph

"The last Spider-Man movie was only five years ago. Is it possible to forget the trilogy director Sam Raimi built with Tobey Maguire as the webslinger and Kirsten Dunst as his teen love? I don't think so." Rollingstone

"What makes The Amazing Spider-Man most compelling is the impeccable casting. Andrew Garfield, who was so impressive in The Social Network, generates tremendous empathy for the soulful Spidey. Emma Stone is vivacious as his blonde bombshell classmate." NYDaily News

"Swinging from fresh to faithful-to-source, Marc Webb’s reboot is a sparky, well-cast, often punchy Spidey spin... but it’s also Spider-Man Begins Again, struggling in places to assert its own identity." Total Film