Terry Gilliam was briefly killed today

Director Terry Gilliam was pronounced dead only to resurface as being alive after apparently seeing Vin Diesel's "xXx" film.

Yes, as crazy as this sounds, our friends at Variety accidentally published a somewhat overly shocking article that pronounced the death of Terry Gilliam only to kill the article minutes later, and apologizing profusely to readers on its main Twitter account.


These unfortunate errors can plague even the most respected industry magazines so we won't point fingers or slam Variety's journalism. What is clear is that the sudden apparent death of Terry Gilliam has became an instant trend on Twitter with Monty Python fans ironically amused that he is still alive. Was this the kind of dark humor we had been missing this week?


So far the editorial mistake has made its way across the entertainment industry and into the gossip mags who are having a good laugh at tearing Variety to pieces. (although somewhat over the top given their own dark pasts and huge mistakes.)

At the time of writing, Google was still indexing the article.


Hopefully Terry Gilliam is in good health and will continue to delight fans with new films for years to come.

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