Terrorist attack threat at Madonna concert a total fabrication

No terror attack warning issued by U.S. Embassy

Madonna survived today's concert in Moscow after many news outlets relied on a false rumor that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had issued a 'terror alert'.

It was not in fact anything to do with terrorism, but a security message warning that they had received a threat of physical violence against concert goers and performers.

Now I won't go into detail about who made this up first, but there are lot of 'terrorist' like headlines out there related to this story, and it's been misquoted in most cases, but intentional in others. It's best to check what the U.S Consulate General actually said before scaring readers, and people in Russia about this, even if Madonna is making controversy. Terrorism to me in the context of this means "Someone or an organization has threatened to kill Madonna, or concert goers". That's the message it's sending.

What if this had been a precautionary notice and then news of a terrorist threat had created a false security alert? This could then have actually caused casualties, and a diplomatic incident between the U.S and Russia. Terrorism is no joke, and should not be used as an entertainment news headline.

You can download the warning by the US Embassy in Russia right here to read word for word what it says, without any use of the term "terrorist, or terrorism". That's my take on it.

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