Terminator producer Andrew G. Vajna faces filmmaker revolt

BUDAPEST, Hungary Andrew G. Vajna is a Hollywood heavyweight producing such films as the Terminator and Rambo franchises but he faces a challenge in his new role in Hungary's industry.

It was recently announced that the Hollywood producer would become a government commissioner in Hungary in charge of reforming the local film industry, and updating it to lure in more films. This would mean that Vajna s influence and personal tastes could play a key role in its future, and have a wider impact on how films are funded locally.

However, recent protests in Hungary by local filmmakers may put his plans into jeopardy as the scheme is not popular, and is seen as a danger to the variety of films locally produced.

Those against the producer's two year overhaul plan signed a declaration against it including film directors such as Alfonso Cuaron, Michael Haneke, and Gus Van Sant.

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