Telluride Film Festival scored big with George Clooney appearance

The Telluride Film Festival wrapped this past week with an undeniably superb addition to its 4 day showcase of films : George Clooney.

George Clooney was the most talked about public figure at Venice with his film ‘Ides Of March’ but it seemed the popular actor wanted to go further in promoting his latest collaboration with Alexander Payne in ‘The Descendants’. In fact, the Telluride Film Festival has been given a huge publicity boost thanks to Clooney’s appearance and given major international credibility to its cause.

Of course, its obvious that when you have a star attending your festival, the press is likely to cover it, but given that Clooney has been in the spotlight for his own directorial work and acting in what could be another Oscar condented in ‘The Descendents’, he definitely goes a long way to give the small players a bigger edge.

So when it comes to next year’s festival, we can expect a much bigger line up, a bigger festival, and a lot more talent on display. Good for them.

Will George Clooney be heading to Toronto and New York Next?

Clooney was given the Silver Medallion honor for his career in film at the festival on Saturday. Find out more about the Telluride Film Festival including interviews with attendees here

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