Taylor Swift on the same level as Rebecca Black with Friday Song?

Taylor Swift is the inspiring figure behind Rebecca Black's hit music video Friday .

The 13 year old singer took youtube by storm with her viral Friday Song that has become one of the biggest video successes in the history of the site.

Does Rebecca Black have the Taylor Swift voice to make a career in singing really work? Not many people will feel that way when you look at the 1 million negative comments on her video. However, this doesn't mean she wont be successful.

Starting out in the music industry is never easy for any artist, and although Rebecca Black can draw millions of views thanks to her one hit wonder, there is no comparison to established singers, until the first album drops, and receives critical praise.

Taylor Swift fans may feel a little concerned that Rebecca Black considers herself to be so in tune with her talent, but this could also be misinterpreted in interviews she has given.

Taylor is however an inspiring role model for young singers, and her influence on their musical tastes is very relevant.

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