Taylor Swift is now being used to sex up political agendas

Taylor Swift just became a promotional tool to help bash Obama's free community college plan.

A blog post appearing on House Speaker John Boehner's official Government website has used 12 animated gifs of Swift to push forward an anti-community college agenda, using her as a lure to make the debate more visible.

It certainly got our attention. Taylor Swift features throughout the article as the main 'object' to illustrate just how bad Obama's community college idea is. Her musical performances from hit songs including 'Blank Space' and trademark poses are used in conjunction with arguments to make the political statement more interesting.

Towards the end of the montage of images the article implies that President Obama should apologize for his proposal, and features Taylor Swift holding up the "Sorry" sign from one of her earlier music videos.

This isn't the first time we've seen politics tap into the entertainment industry to get more attention. During the mid-terms last year, Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Epic Split' was re-edited and used in a commercial to promote Republican Mitch McConnell and in a separate edit, Mike Collins from Georgia.


You might want to check out our interview with director Andreas Nilsson who made the original to see what is vision was for the video. It certainly has crept up time and time again in political circles as 'that cool thing to copy'.

Is this latest attempt at tapping into the entertainment industry for publicity a good idea?

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