Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video is literally an action movie


Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez star in Joseph Kahn's new music video 'Bad Blood' which features a ridiculous amount of cameos, explosions, ninja fights and ladies kicking ass.

The sensationally over-hyped music video starts with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez beating the crap out of a masked man. Gomez then proceeds to break an assailant's arm while Swift uses office furniture to damage people.


The video then goes even more extreme, bringing in singer Ellie Goulding, who charges up a rocket launcher, while viewers get to see an innocent teddy bear getting knifed in the face. Oh, and Selena Gomez also throws Taylor Swift's character Catastrophe out the window. This is definitely not Disney material.

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

Viewers are then introduced to more badass characters, but for some reason Kendrick Lamar doesn't fight in the video and watches the carnage instead, putting his feet up.

Of course that isn't sufficient to give the video a good ending. Director Joseph Kahn also delivers on cliché explosions you've seen in movies like 'Commando' and 'Die Hard', but this time he's casually blowing up London in the process. (Like we haven't seen that before.)


Is this the female version of 'The Expendables'?

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