Tara McLearnon playing in 'Usher, The Usher'

Arcilesi Films is proud to introduce Tara McLearnon who will be portraying the conflicted, faith-in-religion Mrs. Sieranable.

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Once again, we'd like to introduce Tara McLearnon as Mrs. Sieranable:

TARA McLEARNON - Mrs. Sieranable

Tara McLearnon caught the acting bug before she can really remember, though she suspects it may have to do with spending most of her childhood in a mystical country such as Ireland where her imagination ran wild daily. Unable to shake the bug, it was in Toronto that she began studying acting diligently.

Recently, Tara has wrapped on the thriller Bloodlines, which is now in the festival submission stage. She can currently be seen in the newest Silverstein video On Brave Mountains We Conquer.


But here’s where it gets good: her vow was to add a feature film to her resume in 2014, and here it is! Usher, The Usher will be her feature film debut, a project in which she is more than excited to participate.
Let’s roll...

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