Sylvester Stallone wins Razzie nominations, defies all odds

Razzies places Stallone top

Sylvester Stallone has defied science ahead of this year's official Raspberry Awards by topping the list of nominations in a single category.

The 750 certified Razzie voters placed the action star ahead of Chris Brown, Jaden Smith, Adam Sandler, and Johnny Depp with 3 dedicated nominations in the 'Worst Actor' category.

The unanimous vote held on Wednesday means that even if Stallone goes home without an award, he will have won the contest for being awarded the most 'Worst Actor' nominations.

Thanks to his incredible performances in 'Bullet To The Head', 'Escape Plan' and 'Grudge Match', Stallone has done what few could achieve in just a year. It would take all the other nominees in the 'Worst Actor' category to have more nominations than him, which shows just how incredible his achievement is.

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It isn't clear how the voters decided to include all three films on this year's nominees list, but it certainly proves that Sylvester Stallone has won 'hearts and minds' across the board. Did you guys see any of these three films? Does Sylvester Stallone deserve such an honor?

Escape Plan

Bullet to the Head

Grudge Match

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