Sylvester Stallone casting call for Expendable actors

NEW YORK, USA - Actor Sylvester Stallone is looking to up the tempo with his casting of actors in the new Expendables sequel.

With a delta force punch of enthusiasm, Stallone has engaged with his twitter followers revealing small hints to the potential casting with the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme and The Rock. Other mysterious addons that come to mind are Charlie Sheen, who might not be in the best mental shape to be part of this sequel.

While the original has proven to be a big success at the box office, many are questioning how the 'over the top' action movie can go even higher to the likes Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Commando'. Speculation surrounding the casting has also been widely debated as these kinds of films that bring such a diversity of action stars are rarely brought to screen nowadays.

Stallone will have a large choice of action 'relics' to choose from, but maybe the biggest question to ask is whether Arnie who retires from the Governship in January 2011 will be part of The Expendables 2.

What others are saying about Stallone's potential casting choices :

The revelation that Charlie Sheen is to play a CIA agent in the sequel comes as a surprise, given the turmoil that currently surrounds the actor but Stallone has never failed to surprise his fans in the movies he makes. What is also not so known is Stallone's unique ability to create hype and engage audiences before and after the movie is made. This kind of personal touch is what studios love to see in their actors, who can actively promote their movies, including of course, the great (or controversial) casting choices.

"Sheen, of course, spent a whole movie emulating Stallone's Rambo in Hot Shots! Part Deux, but he's also appeared in a brilliantly bad action movie under his own steam" -

"If Sheen is healthy, I d enjoy seeing him trade barbs with Stallone, Jason Statham, and fingers crossed, Bruce Willis." -

"Sheen might be up for the role of a washed-up-but-useful CIA type who s on the hunt for Bruce Willis character Mr. Church. This begs the question, has Mr. Church gone rogue? In the first film it seemed as if he was one of the good guys." -

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