Susan Boyle to bring glamour to UK pope visit

GLASGOW, Scotland - Reality TV star Susan Boyle will sing later in Glasgow at an open air mass for the pope, the first official visit by the Vatican to the UK in 28 years.

Susan Boyle found international fame when she shocked Britain's Got Talent judges with her incredible vocals, and was dubbed the ugly duckling by mainstream media. Her international success has helped shine a light on people that are less attractive but have exceptional talent and deserve to succeed. The pressures of the entertainment industry on image have often created barriers to those wishing to show their talents.

Boyle's performance has also been a controversial one spurring a debate to whether the Vatican has commercialized the pope's visit to bring further attention to Catholicism. The Catholic Church in Scotland strongly denies the claims adding that her music will help resonate the pope's message beyond those in the Roman Catholic Church.

The open air mass will take place at Bellahouston Park later today and will be broadcast live through the BBC.

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