Support for 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson skyrockets on social


The rise of Phil Robertson

Controversial Reality TV star Phil Robertson has earned even more support after A&E Networks decided to reinstate him.

After he was temporarily suspended from the show, several online petitions supporting Robertson appeared. In just a few short days hundreds of thousands had signed them, demanding that he return to 'Duck Dynasty'.

However, in the past 24 hours, support for the TV star has skyrocketed on social networks. With a huge media spotlight on Phil Robertson, multiple fan pages on Facebook have managed to gain over 2.5 million likes supporting "freedom". (Check out We Stand with Phil )

A&E Networks released a carefully crafted statement about Phil's return, but still faced criticism from Advocacy group GLAAD that condemned the decision.

In light of his comments on homosexuality, does this support give Robertson a unanimous thumbs up? Some will feel less positive about his return.

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