• Studying in Montpellier, France

    Studying in Montpellier, France

    Montpellier is a city based in the south of France with a mediterranean climate. It has a population of 260,000 residents with over 80,000 students.

  • Meeting International students

    Students at Studio M campus

    Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Media arts program will get to work in an international environment where they can develop their skills in both English and French.

  • Studio M Academy Campus

    Studio M Academy Campus

    The Montpellier campus has 400 students studying full-time on a range of media courses throughout the year.

  • Student work showcase

    Student work showcase

    Below you will find a selection of creative work produced by students in the past 2 years. The new Bachelor of Media arts course will allow undergraduates to get their creative skills out into the business world and give them the tools to pursue their ambitions.