Strong Oprah ratings for OWN debut

Oprah is getting good marks for her debut of the OWN network, the TV show that provides 24/7 self development.

Winfrey has been an iconic figure for shaping television programming geared towards self improvement, and engaging audiences with her own ambition and drive.

Being able to live a better life has been one of Oprah s strongest motivations, and while the new OWN network is just a few days old, it has already got off to a good start.

OWN Network already in top 5

There wasn't a lot of noise coming from Oprah s own publicity engine, but the new network was getting solid ratings on opening day.

For its Saturday premiere, OWN was the No. 3 cable network among women age 25 to 54 during the 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. hours, behind only ESPN and USA. Latimes

With shows such as Dr Oz becoming more prevalent on the OWN Network, there is definitely room to give smaller programs bigger viewership. The driving factor behind the OWN Network can't be measured in less than a week, but it is for sure, a powerful thing.

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