Steven Seagal, police dept being sued for killing roosters and a dog

Steven Seagal along with a tank and several police officers stormed an Arizona man’s home back in March. He had been allegedly raising roosters to cockfight, which is illegal. He is now filing a lawsuit against them for killing his pet dog and over 100 roosters.

Camera crews were on the scene as Seagal and officers from the Sheriff's department stormed the homeowner’s gate with the tank and subsequently took the reality TV show A&E to new exciting heights.

Following this raid, does it not seem a little excessive to apprehend one man and several hundred roosters with an ‘army’ of police officers? However, with the details sketchy, we can’t be certain whether any roosters or the family pet dog were actually killed, nor have we seen any footage of the raid firsthand that would reveal the facts.

According to several reports, the victim, Jesus Sanchez Llovera, is seeking $100k in damages and a written apology from Seagal himself.

Those of you who have seen Steven Seagal movies will know how difficult it would be to get an apology out of him. The very idea of watching Steven Seagal sit down and write a heartfelt apology is even more comedic.

How will this play out? What do you think about Seagal’s Show ‘Lawman’ on A&E?

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