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State of Mind brings fashion and film together

Endorsed by some of Hollywood's hottest young stars, Los Angeles-based clothing company State of Mind L.A. has garnered significant media attention with its successful media branch, State of Mind Entertainment. (S.O.M.)

Fashion was just the beginning for Founder and CEO, Carlos Higuera. Instead of limiting his creativity to only being a fashion designer, he often crosses over to cinema and television. In just a few short years, Mr. Higuera has built an impressive slate of content, not only in the film world, but television as well. The best part is when the two worlds merge.


Sometimes, for a particular scene, an actor may be given wardrobe pieces specially designed by Mr. Higuera himself, and in response to the growing public demand, many garments from his official clothing line are available for purchase in several Melrose-area boutique stores.

Many Hollywood executives were impressed when they learned that he is a trained actor, and by the fact that he is creating content for the general market and content that doesn't fall into the typical Latino clichés that audiences are accustomed to seeing. He has seen many other Latinos try to 'make it' in the entertainment industry, however, several have ended up portraying stereotypical characters, and some have even pitched or created content that shows Latinos belittling themselves as 'cholos' or non-educated simply because they believe it's the only way to make it. Born in Mexico and moving straight into the neighborhood of South Central during the riots of the '90s made him realize that the mind is very powerful, and his purpose is to produce content that will reach the masses.


"I am just a creator looking for an opportunity to create something of value for society, that's all." - Carlos Higuera

His latest film, "The Summoning," which he is attached to as an Executive Producer stars Eric Roberts and is currently in post-production. Another feature film, "Me You and Five Bucks" begins playing in select theaters September 25th, followed by an online and V.O.D. release on October 13th. He has collaborated with Luna Films and Inn-A-Circle Productions, as well as television executives at major networks who are showing interest in his TV Pilot, "Above the Line," which he also stars in. He is currently prepping for his next feature film, "The Malevolent."

For more information on State of Mind and Mr. Higuera's projects, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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