Star Trek Captain William Shatner reaches 80

Famous for his role as James T Kirk in the hit sci fi series 'Star Trek', the actor we all know,  William Shatner, has turned 80.

With a long career in television, winning several Emmys and an iconic cult following, William Shatner has been one of Hollywood's most 'viewed' actors. The hit series originally ran for just three seasons between 1966 to 1969. After decades of re runs, and subsequent DVD releases, the Shatner phenomenon lives on. He has also starred in series such as 'Boston Legal' and most recently 'S#*! My Dad Says'.

Shatner is not just famous for his Star Trek role, but also for his larger than life sense of humour and many controversial appearances on TV.

He was also considered 'The King of overacting' by comedian. Shatner is also in the youtube 'Hall of Fame' for having been in the worst onscreen fight of all time.

Favourite William Shatner moments

We have compiled a few classic clips from Bill's long career. May it continue to flourish.

James Tiberius Kirk vs monster Worst fight ever

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