Star Trek 2 begins filming in January

Star Trek 2 film production starts

'Star Trek 2', the sequel to popular 2009 hit directed by J.J. Abrams will begin shooting in 3D this month, and fans of the franchise couldn’t be more excited.

When ‘Star Trek’ hit theatres in 2009 it was a refreshing, and completely re-vitalized adaptation of the Star Trek universe. It kept die-hard fans content and proved to be even more tantalizing for sci-fi fans who love an adventure movie in space. Paramount made all the right decisions, and included original Star Trek series Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and new characters, which were all introduced cleverly into the 2009 hit.

The hype has been huge for Star Trek 2 but Abrams didn’t want to rush a sequel as he had other projects in the pipeline, most recently directing ‘super 8’. Whether the Star Trek sequel will match the stakes of the previous one is yet to be seen but after giving new life, to an edgier young captain Kirk, it’s fair to see we hope our new hero will face even stronger challenges in the universe.

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