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'Spectre' script leaks online : $300 million movie plot exposed

The entire script for James Bond 24 'Spectre' has appeared on the web and according to the memos, there's a major problem with it.

Gawker obtained the leaked script and dissected emails revealing that the third act was way below expectations and needed a lot of work. Featuring a host of "desperate notes" and screenshots from the leaked copy exposed by the hackers, the report goes into detail about why the film isn't up to par along with how the producers argued over specific villains and plot points to make it better. It would appear things are still a work-in-progress, with memos dating back to August of this year.

Earlier in 2014 the news site provided links to a leaked version of Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight'. The director sued the publisher but then later backed down. It is uncertain whether Sony will follow the same action, but the controversial decision to publish key points of the leaked screenplay could prove to be extra painful for the studio, still trying to deal with a massive breach and a public relations disaster.

It was only recently that the title of the new film was announced giving fans a glance at where the franchise was headed but the reveal of the film's storyline, characters and twists will come as a major blow to the writers and the production team wanting to keep it under wraps. If the whole plot of Star Wars 7 had been made available over a year before the movie came out, just think how upset Disney would be and everyone trying to make that special and a surprise.

We're not going to promote or provide directions to the script's notes or details about characters, but what is important to note is that there are certain legal risks in publishing stolen data which could land bloggers and others in trouble.

Scripts are the lifeblood of a movie and without them, there is no blueprint for a film to be made. If it is available for all to see before it even goes into production, that's a huge blow to the entire cast and crew. We hope you won't read it and enjoy the movie instead.

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