Spectre crosses $750m globally and Daniel Craig is going to retire?


James Bond producers are trying to convince Daniel Craig to do one more Bond after “Spectre” crosses $750m at the global Box Office.

The numbers are huge but not as astronomical as “Skyfall” which exceeded $1 billion in 2012. However despite this, “Spectre” is the second most successful film of the franchise and it didn’t have an Olympics Ceremony to boost it.

Given this fact, it is estimated that at the end of the film’s run, "Spectre" will gross around $850m globally making these last two films near the $2 billion mark.

Barbara Broccoli has made it clear that she wants to include Daniel Craig in the next film. The question is, after stating in more than one interview that he was practically “done” with the role, could Daniel Craig be open to the idea?

Production on the next James Bond outing will commence again in early 2016 with other Bond contenders already surfacing including Idris Elba, who was recently considered “too camp” by James Bond author Anthony Horowitz. The author later retracted the statement following an internet backlash but is it time for Daniel Craig to retire from the role, or has he got one more in him?

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