Special effects legend Carlo Rambaldi leaves legacy behind

Carlo Rambaldi dies aged 86

Special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi has passed away at the age of 86 leaving behind him a legacy the motion picture industry will never forget.

Carlo worked on some of Hollywood's most iconic sci-fi movies including Ridley Scott's 1979 classic 'Alien', and Steven Spielberg's E.T (1982). It was in fact Rambaldi's original work on E.T that become such a hit with audiences, and defined a childhood character : E.T the extra terrestrial.

Some of his other credits include 'Dune', 'Close Encounters of a Third Kind', 'Andy Warhol's Dracula', and 'Conan the Destroyer'.

Producing special effects and designing creatures with electronic engineering, Rambaldi became an icon in Hollywood for his exceptional vision and ability to create inspiring work. He won 2 Oscars for 'Best Effects, Visual Effects' in both 'Alien' and 'E.T The Extra-Terrestrial'. He was also nominated for a BAFTA in 1983 for 'Best Special Visual Effects'.

Rambaldi died in Hospital in Lamezia Terma, the BBC confirms.

E.T The Extra Terrestrial Trailer

Alien Trailer

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