Spanish movie news sites to disappear from the web

Google News, a vital traffic source for movie publishers, is closing down in Spain next week following the introduction of a new law forcing the search giant to pay magazines to display their articles.

Movie news will disappear completely from Google News Spain on December 16th as Google shuts down its news aggregator service and de-indexes news search results from its search engine.

The news will come as a blow to many movie publishers and others as the blackout will result in an immediate drop in traffic to their sites. In addition, bloggers who rely on Google News to promote articles will have to find alternative aggregators to reach audiences.

Google's Richard Gingras released an update about the new law and announced that the free service would be closed.

Spanish readers have been venting frustration at their Government in response to the new law which will effectively add 'internet sanctions' to hundreds of sites.

The new Spanish intellectual property law will go into effect starting Jan 1st 2015 with fines up to €600,000 levied on companies that fail to comply.

Spanish news sites that will disappear from news results:

(This is only a portion of publishers that will face a blackout.)

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