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Sony has now officially buried 'The Interview' as North Korea chants victory

Movie fans are waving North Korean flags on Twitter in response to Sony's decision to cancel the release of 'The Interview'.

Confirmed just a short while ago following the decision by major theater chains to remove 'The Interview', the film is now likely to have a VOD only release.

In response to this latest development, movie fans have begun to bombard Twitter with flags of North Korea proclaiming that Kim Jong-Un has installed himself as leader of the film industry. Although fans may be turning to satire after the film's sudden disappearance, for those who worked on it, this is as painful as it gets.

Sony released an official statement Wednesday regarding the release of 'The Interview' and the hacks that have crippled the company:

"We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public.."

With all major theaters now declining to show the film after a call from Sony saying that they could cancel, fans eager to see the film have started to criticize cinema chains for being "cowardly" in the face of threats from hackers.

The news is a hard blow to Sony and to the film industry as whole, as a major release for the first time in motion picture history has been canceled due to a cyber attack.

It is yet unclear who the hackers are and whether their threats can be interpreted as a terrorist threat against the United States. The White House has so far refrained from referring the cyber attack to an act of terrorism, but the stakes are now very high, and it is likely that we will learn about this threat in the coming days and how serious it is.

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