Sony may have to re-cut Ghostbusters following trailer record

The new trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot has entered the Google record books for being the most disliked in history, posing a challenge to Sony as the studio prepares to promote the release ahead of its July opening.

Audiences disliked the video over 630,000 times which was extraordinary in comparison to other films that were universally panned such as 2015 blockbuster “Fantastic Four.” The trailer for the movie got over 11 million views but only 7300 dislikes. This meant that only 0.06% of viewers complained.

The new “Ghostbusters” trailer secured the wrath of 2.1% of viewers which is 35x more hate than recorded on the “Fantastic Four” trailer. Now both movies have nothing to do with each other but the fact that over 2% of viewers engaged to dislike “Ghostbusters” is evident that there’s been a pretty huge upset with the core audience. Rarely does a promo with millions of views get that kind of engagement except of course, if it’s a Justin Bieber music video.

However according to Entertainment Weekly a poll released by Fandango suggested the film was the most anticipated summer comedy amongst moviegoers which paints a very different picture but by no means answers the question of why so many people disliked the trailer.

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, the new reboot takes the franchise into a completely different direction with an all-female superhero team, but male audiences may struggle to adjust to the new narrative.

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