Sony hack occurred after the NSA 'infiltrated' North Korea

It turns out the NSA allegedly hacked North Korea before Sony was hit in November, planting backdoor malware into their systems.

Files from Edward Snowden were published on Germany's der Spiegel magazine showing how the NSA installed malware as early as 2010 however it didn't stop hackers from taking down Sony, and costing the company millions in losses.

Experts had raised doubts over whether North Korea had been responsible for breaching Sony's network, but the FBI confirmed without citing specific evidence that the reclusive state was behind it. So how did they get this intelligence? It looks like we have our answer, which will no doubt leave many with the question "Why could the U.S Government not prevent the hack attack on Sony?"

Following a statement from President Obama about the hack, and the U.S response to North Korea's actions, a few days later, the country experienced several outages. Traffic between China and North Korea was non-existent over several hours while movie fans decided to release Kim Jong-Un memes in retaliation.

Could Sony have really been prepared for this attack?

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